Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Tamil Fonts

TSCII, UniCode, TAB, TAM Tamil fonts Free Download offers 100s of free Tamil fonts. You can download about 25 Tscii fonts, more than 100 unicode fonts, more than 200 Tam/Tab (typewriter font). You can also download other Indian language fonts in unicode format. Other language fonts include Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Kashmiri etc.

This website offers Azhagi software for Tamil typing. Its transliteration features allows you to type Tamil in English. That mean type Tamil in english as you pronounce. It will be automatically converted to Tamil font. You can type in tamil, save in tamil, print in tamil, publish in Tamil,  Email in Tamil, Chat in Tamil, Blog in Tamil and do more with azhagi software.

Transliteration is also available in other Indian languages also. It is perfect for writing letters in Tamil, making blog posts in tamil etc.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 is one of the oldest and professional recipe website in Tamil. The website was started in the year 2004. So now it has grown into one of the popular website for Tamil Recipes. The website has membership facilities with user name password. You can join for free.

There is a forum for discussion on various topics. There is a womens section discussing beauty tips, child rearing, medicine, home, health etc. There is a quiz zone, cinema review, story telling etc. A must visit for everyone. All content are in unicode tamil font. So no problem in viewing. The site is also being converted to engilish. English version will soon be available.


Another tamil blog for recipes. The blog has neat wordpress theme applied. The recipes are given with Ingredients and making instructions.

Some of the recipes in this blog are Rawa Pongal, Rice Halwa, Papaya halwa, Fried Idly, Moong dal dosai, Uppu Kozukattai, Carrot Chutney, Mooli paratha, etc.,


Tamil Recipe Blog is a Blogger Blog with Tamil Recipes/ cuisine. Posts are published in December 2007 and January 2008. There are food making ideas for idly powder, Andhra parppu podi, baby corn kulambu, carrot halwa, cauliflower bajji, onion pulikulambu, poondu kulambu, milk payasam, tomato soup etc

All posts are in Tamil unicode language with Ingredients and making instructions and photographs of the recipes is a plus. The nice photographs on this website will induce you to try those recipes at your home. I am planning to ask my wife back at home to prepare these recipes!

Visit is a nicely built tamil astrology website. The home shows yearly predicitons for virodhi tamil new year. The twelve zodic signs Mesha, Rishaba, Mithuna, kadaka, simma, kanya, thula, virichika, thanush, makara, kumbha and meena are listed. Click your sign to read what the year got in store for you!

ON the right hand side of the home page the author tells about astrology. He tells he have 25 years of experience in astrology.

On the top navigation menu there is a link for porutham (marriage match). Clicking this link shows a table of female nakshatras and matching male nakshatras on the right hand.

Want to know about your love life? Which rasi born people are good at love. There is a navigation link for love astrology. For example the website states Mesha (Aries) born people are good at love. Rishaba people are much interested in sexual pleasures.

The other part is for navagraha temples. In Indian astrology there are nine planets sun, moon, jupiter, mercury, venus, mars, saturn, rahu and ketu. These nine planets are called navagrahas. In south India there are temples for each of these navagrahas. This part details the temples.

Donation / charity their benefits, the type of donations are dealt with in other part. For example donating honey will help you get progeny / children.

Saturn transit predictions for 12 rashis are explained in this website.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Astrologer Balu Saravanan

This blog is maintained by astrologer-cum-prohithar Balu Saravana sarma. The site content is not entirely in Tamil. On the home page you can find Panchang details like auspicious days in tamil months, Explanations like Aadi puram, monthly subh-muhurtha days, solar/lunar eclipse dates, numerology calculator, Details of akshaya thiruthiya, rahukalam-yamakandam calculation and so on.

The author is certainly tech-savvy. At least he have some knowledge in web design etc. There is link for for Pooja List which open a pdf document that describes the articles required for various hindu ceremonies like Ganapathi Homam, Nichayathartham, wedding, Ruthu Punyavasanam, Baby naming ceremony, Thevasam, Thalai Thevasam etc. I appreciate his knowledge in his domain, astrology and prohitham.

The website also displays muthurtham dates for both virothi and vikruthi Tamil years. That is both for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. The month vice detailed muhurtha dates are really useful.

Vikruthi Tamil Year Subh Muhurtha Days

Tamil Baby Name list

Prohithar saravanan also offers Baby Name list in Tamil. There are more than ten thousand names both in male and female genders. The list is provided in Adobe acrobat PDF format. The names are all in pure tamil. There is also a sanskrit baby name list with meaning in Tamil. Sanskrit dictionary is also available.

Saravanan can also write birth horoscopes both in Vakya and Thirukanitha panchang methods. There will be fee for doing this.

You can also appoint him for functions in your home. For wedding, graha pravesha and anything. You name it. This site qualified as a Tamil site because of its numerous PDF files all written in Tamil.


Kalanjiam - Tamil Encyclopedia

This website is an encyclopedia in Tamil language. The site deals various subjects. In science it has articles in physics, chemistry, biology. In Astronomy it has pages in solar system, stars and earth. In technology it has articles on motor vehicles, electronics, machinery. In education you can learn about school

In computers it explains motherboard, micro processor, RAM, hard disk, CD-ROM and modem in Tamil. Those who wish to learn computers in Tamil should read this.

This encyclopedia website in Tamil has so many empty pages that may frustrate the viewer. Another attraction is baby name list in Tamil. There is an alphabetical list of both girl and boy bay names. Though the list is small there are some nice names to select for your new baby.